Paint Selection

Included with the services

We help chose the paint color that best suits your house’s style. The difference in a shade could be the difference in a smile or a frown. We always want to see our customers smile so the choice is up to you but we will make sure you are well informed to make the best choice. We use the best paint for the texture of your finish.

Trim Color Pairing

Included with the services

Get trim color scheme tips for choosing the right colors for your home. From calming combinations of neutrals to color-studded palettes in green, blue, red, yellow, and more, see how trim color work together to both unify create eye-catching contrasts.

Replace Rotten Wood

Additional cost to cover labor
and materials

Although there is an additional cost associated with replacing rotted wood. The cost is only to cover cost or labor and material. Most often there isn’t much that needs to be replaced. We offer the service to speed things up. We stand behind all of our work.

Secure Gutters

Included with the services

We will secure all gutters and down spouts. If there repairs are warranted we will bring it to your attention before we start your job.

Exterior Painting

This is our absolute specialty, we are in and out before you know it.

Power Washing

This is an independent service

For a free quote on power washing your deck please call 248-457-5858


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